Stone Village Yangshuo Putao (Shitoucheng)      A visit to this fascinating Qing-dynasty stone village (Shitoucheng), perched on top of a limestone peak, is an unusual foray into the countryside and makes a great day trip for those looking for an off -the-beaten-track adventure. The village was once a garrison town and the ancient gates and walls are mostly still intact. Its a steep 30- to 50 minute climb up the hill from the village new town to the old town where the wall begins. Once at the top, it will take another 4-5 hours to walk around to all 4 of the main gates. Locals will show you around the stone ruins for about 30Y but to get a full glimpse of the area we recommend hiring a professional guide.
     To get here from Yangshuo, take any Guilin bound bus to Putao (6Y) from where a motorbike taxi (25Y) will take you the rest of the way to Stone Village (Shitoucheng). You should be able to arrange a motorbike ride back to Putao through one of the villagers. From there you can flag down a southbound bus back to Yangshuo.
     Note: If you arrive on a scooter or bicycle locals may volunteer to watch over your vehicle to protect it from local kids damaging it but may ask you for a 20Y tip at the end which are particularly the elder locals are determined to get. If you mind this contribution then just park and lock your vehicle just before the entrance of the village.
     There are 2 ways to get to Stone Village, the fastest and single public route is by main road to Putao with a right turn to Stone Village. But if you have the time and can arrange your own transportation we suggest to go along the road in between the main road Yangshuo -Guilin and the Li-river with great views over the landscape, farmlands, rice paddies and river. You will also pass by many local villages and the nicest tea plantation of Yangshuo, the 7* star tea plantation.
     Arrange your own transportation by writing to us:

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