Yangshuo West Street      West Street is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. It now becomes a place that mixes the eastern and western culture harmoniously. West Street in Yangshuo has developed into the most prosperous area in Yangshuo. The signboards of all the stores and restaurants on this street have foreign names written on them, and foreigners are seen here and there.
     At night, the restaurants in Foreigners' Street are crowded with diners. Decorated with tree bark, palm leaves and colorful lights, these restaurants all boast their own masterpieces. Quite a lot of tourists who want to stay in Yangshuo for some time stay here and get a job working in a restaurant as a cook.
     Because Yangshuo West Street is tha symbol of this county, someone said, if has not been to West Street, he/she is regarded as having not been to Yangshuo. It is also a well-know brand. The reputation of the street is not superior to the Wall Street in New Yor, the Downing Street in London, the avenue des champs-elysees in Paris, and the Chang'an Street in Beijing. With its unique charm, West Street attracts tens of thousands tourists from home and abroad.

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