Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces      
     Longji Rice Terracewas original built in Yuan Dynasty and completed in the early Qing Dynasty with a history of over 650 years. The ancestors who first cultivate the rice terrace would never think about that their wisdom and hard work could build such a beautiful and amazing scenic area. For such a long time, the strong will for living, the wisdom and power of human is fully presenting on this land.
     The terraces like ribbons and chains full of the mountains. The mountains looks just like giant snails or a huge fan. Some like mirror with different shapes. On this wide land, footpath wriggles between terraces. Folk songs linger in between mountains.
     It is hard to imagine that 800 years ago howthe first batch of Zhuang and Yao people faced to the deep mountains and forests, and how they rely on original slash-and-burn agriculture and cultivate the first field.
     The rice was so attractive for them, maybe they did not think to much, their descendants had already took the hoes from them and cultivate the rice terraces day by day, year by year. From Yuan Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, for about 650 years, the amazing landscape of rice terraces were finally completed.

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