Longji Rice Terraces      About 600 years ago, throughout most of the Ming Dynasty, the Longji Rice Terraces were created out of the shear need to survive. Given that only 25% of China can provide sustainable farming, many remote areas had to sought out ways to maximize thier agricultural outputs with the means that they had. And for the aboriginals in Longsheng, a county in Guilin, it meant high hillsides across the vast land, which caused surface run-offs and land erosion proving itself to be too difficult to cultivate their main staple, rice.
     By terracing the hills into flat paddies, they created a flooding reservoir to contain water for the rice to thrive. This system would run throughout the entire land, with each paddy supporting the other, landscaping itself into an agricultural masterpiece.
     Anyone who visits the rice terraces will be mesmerized and awe inspired by its grandness and wonder. Its a dynamic beauty that changes with the seasons and one that has continued to gives nourishing love to its people.
     Option 1
     1 Day Tour to Longji Dazhai village - 400Y/person
     includes breakfast in Lakeside Inn
     includes roundtrip
     entrance fee
     2 hours at the terraces
     local lunch
     ticket to the long hair show
     Option 2 (temporary suspended!!! please consult us to check availability)
     1 Day Tour to Longji Dazhai Village 275Y/person
     Includes breakfast in Lakeside Inn
     Includes roundtrips
     Includes entrance ticket to the Longji Rice Terraces (admission price: 100Y)
     4-5 hours at the terraces
     (in the option you could choose to take the cable cart for an additional 120 Yuan each )
     Sightseeing reservation service
     Lakeside inn provide the best sightseeing service to you! We offer you useful sightseeing information,and the best prices.You can book trips that you like ahead of time or at our inn.Please send e-mail or call us to make reservation.

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